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  • Unlimited Neighborhood Search
  • Unlimited Prospect Plus Search
  • Unlimited Data Retriever/Enhancement Request
  • Unlimited Renter Search
  • Unlimited Commercial Search

Neighborhoods are always changing, but with our subscriptions services your database will keep pace. Get a regular stream of data for any given neighborhood!

Why a data subscription?

With a data subscription, you'll only pay a fraction of what the same data would cost otherwise. When you use our subscription services, we'll provide you with updated, and unlimited data. Welcome new neighbors to the area, and make sure that no matter who moves in, they know who to go to for their real estate needs!

Where is data available?

We have access to data in several California counties, including Los Angeles county, Monterey county, Santa Clara county, San Mateo county, San Francisco county, Alameda county, and Napa county.

We can also generate data outside these locations. Please send an email to for assistance.

Data Disclaimer

As with all of our data products, our data is provided by a third party vendor. The amount of data will vary from record to record. For example, one record may have eight emails while another may only have six. California Concierge is not responsible if the generated data is part of the do not call list. Data is deemed accurate and reliable but not guaranteed.

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