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Do you have holes in your database? Like most agents, you might have pieces of a person’s contact details, but not the full picture. We can help complete your database and providing you with more avenues to strengthen your relationships.

Just $0.13 a record towards completing your database. Simply provide your database as a CSV with personally identifying information, like a name and a property or mailing address. Our database tool will use property records to check every record and try to find matching data with a successful match rate between 75-85%. The match rate for finding additional data for a record is highest when using a physical address or a phone number alongside a name.

How data delivery works

Your data files will be delivered as a CSV files to the email address you use at checkout within 24 hours of placing the order.

Where is data available?

We have access to data in several California counties, including Los Angeles county, Monterey county, Santa Clara county, San Mateo county, San Francisco county, Alameda county, and Napa county.

We can also generate data outside these locations. Please send an email to for assistance.

Data Disclaimer
As with all of our data products, our data is provided by a third party vendor. The amount of data will vary from record to record. For example, one record may have eight emails while another may only have six. Data is deemed accurate and reliable but not guaranteed.

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