California Concierge

Prospecting has never been so easy with our

Research Tools

With research tools for agents at every level of business, we can help keep your pipeline full of prospects, and grow your sphere of influence.

Build Your Database

Many successful agents will look to one neighborhood or niche, and then work to become king of the hill in that arena. We can help build a database for any given neighborhood, with a myriad of search filters to build your perfect farm.

Circle Prospecting

When you’ve got a listing or you’ve just closed a transaction in a neighborhood, people tend to take note of the activity. Hit them while it’s fresh on their mind with Circle Prospecting. We can help identify not just the neighbors names, but additional contact information that will help you leverage multiple marketing channels. For peace of mind, our data is scrubbed and checked against national “do not call” registries.

Complete Your Database

Do you have holes in your database? Like most agents, you might have pieces of a person’s contact details, like their cell phone, but missing other key pieces of information, like their address or email address. We can help complete your database, filling in the holes, and providing you with more opportunities to strengthen your relationships.

Basic Builder




  • 1000 leads per month

  • $0.13 per lead if you exceed the 1000 lead limit

Growth Builder




  • Unlimited Neighborhood Search

  • Unlimited Prospect Plus Search

  • Unlimited Data Retriever/Enhancement Request

  • Unlimited Renter Search

  • Unlimited Commercial Search