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Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Commercial real estate marketing is time consuming and requires testing and practice. Especially in the highly competitive industry of CRE, you need to stand-out from rest to succeed. With your day-to-day job, you can only do so much. Our concierge support will take care of your marketing needs.

Offering Memorandum (OMs) & Broker Opinion of Value (BOVs)

A commercial real estate offering memorandum is a tool used to introduce prospective investors and users to available real estate opportunities. Including several property specific sections, real estate offering memorandums typically include a disclaimer, table of contents, executive summary, property photos, renderings, real estate maps, lease abstracts, market overviews, tenant information, rent rolls, cash flow analysis & projections as well as other property specific details that are dependent upon investment and property type.

Our concierge support can help assemble this for you. Just choose a templated design, provide necessary information and wait for couple of days to prepare these great-looking OMs and BOVs.

Commercial Flyers

CRE Flyers is one of the easiest marketing pieces sent to a new prospect. Choose and shop great-looking commercial real estate flyers quickly and easily either by using our concierge design, designing on Canva or uploading your own file.

Commercial Postcards

Commercial Real Estate Postcards will help you grow your business with qualified leads who turn into clients and revenue. This is an effective way to stay relevant and stand out in your prospects mailbox. You may either use our concierge designs, upload your own file or design your postcards in Canva to generate more leads.

Commercial Signage

Commercial Signages attract buyers and tenants. Market your property 24/7 to potential clients using our pre-templated designs. Just provide us your phone number, email address, and you can get your potential clients easily.

Commercial Reports

Our commercial real estate clients understand that complete information is essential to a successful business transaction, and we’re confident that our NHD Report products provide clear, comprehensive analysis to ensure a successful commercial real estate sale.

Complete, accurate information is essential to the NHD reporting process, and we at NHD Go have created a custom-designed set of NHD report products to ensure that all of our clients receive comprehensive service at a competitive price.