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Having a unique logo that represents you, your work, and your brand that’s easily memorable can be what keeps clients coming back.

Stages of Logo Creation

Initial Consultation

Do you have the design at the back of your head? Having difficulty turning it to reality?
Or maybe you don’t have one yet and is in need of suggestions for you logo design? This step is to discuss and plan ahead of what your logo and brand wants to be.

Design Stage

After taking notes from our initial consultation, we do our research and test out ideas. This is where the magic happens, we start to build out the logo from the concepts, ideas and results we got from our research.

Selection Stage

Once done with the design stage, we’ll meet with you again to further explain what happened during the design process and the concept behind each logo design.

Final Delivery

The absolute end of the line and of course, the best part. After closely working with you through every step process, we’ll now deliver your logo and branding guide.

Featured Work

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