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I Need a Wife, Now!  Help for the Holidays

I Need a Wife, Now! Help for the Holidays

OK.  First word that comes to your mind when you hear:


If the word “busy” – or some synonym – pops up, it’s time to make a small adjustment:

You need a wife – and quick!

When California Concierge LLC began in 1999, women loved the idea of all the services we provide and would often say, “Wow; you’re like a wife; I need a wife now!”  And so, California Concierge has been The Businesswoman’s Wife® ever since.

We love helping busy professionals like you breathe again by taking care of those things you tend to put off…or even those things you just don’t like doing but you do them anyway.

We love helping your life run more smoothly all year long, and especially at holiday time!

California Concierge has been the Businesswoman's Wife since 1999. We can be yours too!

Hosting the Holiday?  You Need a Wife!

No need for you to go it alone.  California Concierge is at your service.

Give us your grocery list.  During the holiday season, grocery shopping goes to another level.  Give us the list, and we’ll go to any number of stores you’d like us to, so you can have everything to make your party or meal complete.  We’ll even put all the groceries away in your cupboards and refrigerator, saving you from doing one more task.

No Time to Run Around Doing Errands?  You Need a Wife!

Finding the time to run errands is one challenge.  During the holidays, you’ve also got traffic and parking issues to contend with.  Why even spend your valuable time dealing with all that?  Call California Concierge!

Pick up/drop off your dry cleaning.  Dry cleaning is not an urgent matter…until…you NEED that outfit!  At California Concierge, we understand that life has a way of slipping up on you.  We’ll help you always be ready.  We’ll drop off your clothes for cleaning, and when we pick them up, we’ll even transfer your clothes from the dry cleaner’s wire hangers to your hangers and hang everything in an organized fashion in your closet, so you’ll have – and can find – what you need for that holiday party.

We’ll do your gift shopping and returns for you.  Wouldn’t it be a relief this year to put the holiday shopping and all that goes with it on someone else’s plate?  We’ll not only make your purchases, we’ll also stand in the long after-holiday lines to make any returns or exchanges.

Say good-bye to Post Office lines.  Hectic doesn’t begin to describe how long the line gets during the holiday season.  No need to spend your time waiting.  California Concierge will!  We’ll pack, address and mail those packages for you so you will have one less thing to deal with during the holiday season.  We’ll even get your holiday cards done!

We take care of your personal shopping needs, too!  And what about you?  Here you are worrying about how to make your family’s holiday superb, but what about all the products you need?  You haven’t had a chance to get any new clothes, accessories, or your favorite health or beauty products.  Let us do it for you so you can use that free time doing something enjoyable.

Need Help Around the House?  You Need a Wife!

As much as you love entertaining, it’s exhausting getting everything ready for a party or house guests.  You need help!   A wife would be perfect right about now.  Here’s how we can help you get through the holidays happily.

Need something fixed?  It seems like every time you are planning to have a party or house guests, Murphy’s Law strikes.  Your sink backs up, your dishwasher breaks down or something else malfunctions.  No worries!  California Concierge will schedule and await the repairman or technician.  We’ll also await any deliveries you’re expecting.

We will watch your house and your furry companions.  Whether you are going to visit family or friends for the weekend or longer, we’ll give you peace of mind that all is well at home with our “While-You’re-Away” service.

Keeping up with your car maintenance.  Not enough hours in the day to get ready for that holiday road trip?   We’ll take your car for service, wash and gas so it’s ready to roll when you are.

Need Virtual Assistance? You Need a Wife!

Being a self-sufficient person, you have rarely relied on anyone else.  But seasons of Life change, and holiday season can be especially overwhelming try to do it all yourself.  That’s when California Concierge can be your life saver with Virtual Assistance services like:

Hassle-free online shopping.  We’ll do the product research and online shopping for you.  If you’d like, we can present you with information so you make the final decision of what to buy.

Appointment scheduling.  Whether it’s a home repair or personal care matter (manicurist, hairstylist, etc.), the staff at California Concierge will make the appointment for you.  One less thing for you to worry about.

Travel Arrangements.  Your vacation is here!  The holidays have come to an end and you can finally get away for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.  Contact us today, and we will take care of all your travel plans.

Here are a few more tips from the Huffington Post on reducing holiday stress.

Especially at this happy season, think of the professionals at California Concierge as your Personal Elf!  It’s our pleasure to help you enjoy the holidays stress-free!

We’re all about taking care of “the home front” so you can enjoy the life you’re working hard for. So, take a load off your shoulders and put it on ours–join California Concierge today! Contact us at (818) 883-8550 or

Copyright 2017 California Concierge, LLC.

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What Clients Say

Ken Jeong, Actor; and Tran Ho, MD

“Thank you so much for another wonderful year. You always go above and beyond.”

(Dr. Ken) (Mr. Chow) (Señor Chang)


Sherman Oaks, CA

“Thankfully, you are there for me. Just want you to know how much I appreciate your concierge service. I feel like I have my own Mrs. Doubtfire!”

Amy H.; Executive Assistant to Tim Ferriss, Author: The 4-Hour Workweek

“Thank you very much for your help. It was very much appreciated, and you’re a pleasure to work with.

Heidi Briguglio; Luntz, Maslansky Strategic Research

Alexandria, VA

“Thank you for your wonderful service! You are absolutely worth your weight in gold!!!!”

Wayne and Mary Edington

Woodland Hills, CA

“We are so glad to have your While-You’re-Away service during our vacations. Your messages giving updates from your visits made everything that much more enjoyable knowing that everything was taken care of back home.”

Jenny and Chris

Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for making one big part of Chris’ time away from home much easier on all of us. I am so grateful that you were recommended to us.”

Ronald Melin Supancic, Attorney; The Law Collaborative LLP

Woodland Hills, CA

“We are all faced with trade-offs in life. California Concierge is the best friend to have that allows you to grow your business while someone else does the time-consuming chores that get in the way of increased profit margins.”

Carla Carpenter

Los Angeles CA

California Concierge gives me the freedom to have fun in my down time. I use them for everything from booking tours for my visitors to weekly grocery shopping, errand running and overseeing home repair projects. They even delivered personal items to me from home when I was hospitalized and cleared the refrigerator of items that would spoil before my return. They are life savers.


Woodland Hills, CA

”Thanks again for your service!  I had a great trip back east, and I never could have prepared for it without your help.”