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Summer Help:  How to Pick Out a Good Melon

Summer Help: How to Pick Out a Good Melon

Why is it so hard to pick out a good melon?

Perhaps, it’s because, with a melon, we can’t SEE the part we’ll be eating!  Here’s some advice from the experts to de-mystify melons:



How to pick melon: cantaloupeLook – the skin beneath the webbing should have turned from green to beige. Touch – it should have a slight “give” to it at the stem spot.   Smell – it should have a light cantaloupe fragrance.



Look – it should have a rich, creamy yellow color.  Touch – it should feel waxy on the outside which means the starch in the melon has turned to How to pick melon: honeydewsugar so you’ll wind up with a sweet, juicy melon.  It should be firm all around except for the softer part near the stem.  The best melons are fairly large and weigh about 5 pounds.  Listen – ideally, you should hear the seeds inside rattle, meaning they’ve loosened a little from the ripe flesh.  However, avoid melons that sound soupy or mushy inside as these are overripe


Look – the discolored spot where the melon was in contact with the ground How to pick melon: watermelonwhile it was growing should be yellowish-white. (If it’s light green, the melon isn’t ripe.)  Touch – scratch the surface of a watermelon with your fingernail (a greenish-white color beneath the outermost layer of the rind indicates a ripe watermelon).  Listen when you thump the side, a ripe watermelon will sound hollow. If you hear a thud or a tone that is high in pitch, it’s not ripe.


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