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Holiday House Guests?  No Worries!

Holiday House Guests? No Worries!

It’s turkey time!! The official start of the winter holiday season. Whether you opt for the traditional turkey dinner, turducken,a vegetarian meal or another menu variation, there are a few certainties you can count on during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Holiday table at Thanksgiving

You will:

  1. Spend extra time shopping for, preparing, cooking and serving enough food to feed an army.
  2. Have house guests at some point during the holidays.
  3. Experience the guilt of not having enough time to spend with your guests.

How do you get through it all with your sanity in tact?  Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

How to Prepare Your Home for Holiday House Guests

It comes down to getting organized. Once you come up with game plan, you find that all your fear and guilt will melt away like the butter on your mashed potatoes. You’ll get that warm and fuzzy feeling and won’t be able to contain your joy about having your friends and family visit.

Here are six organizational tips to help take your stress level down a notch or two and give you the opportunity to enjoy your holiday guests while they’re with you.

  • Clear away the clutter.  We’re all guilty of it. We leave yesterday’s newspaper on the chair, pile bills up on a desk or forget to put our shoes or a jacket away. Normally, you don’t mind a little clutter, and your house certainly doesn’t have to look like a museum, but your guests don’t have to see your bills, old newspapers, or anything personal that may be lying around. Unless you’re already a highly organized individual, this will take some focus, but YOU can do it!  If you find it challenging, California Concierge can certainly help you blaze the trail toward a better organized household.
  • Make your guests feel wanted.  Having holiday house guests can be stressful, but considerate house guests also feel the pressure not to disturb your home or your belongings. Help them out. Clear some closet and drawer space so your guests will feel welcomed. Get some fresh flowers for their room or leave a treat on the pillow.  A basket with water bottles and a few snacks will help your guests satisfy any munchies on their own.  If you’re not sure how to go about implementing this plan, call the experts at California Concierge. We’d love to help you make your home a haven for guests.
  • Tidy up around your common-use areas.  Make sure the bathroom your guests will use is clean and tidy. If their room has a separate bathroom, all the better.  You can clean it days prior to guests arriving, and then keep it off limits.  Put fresh soap by the sink and in the shower; put a full roll of toilet paper on the holder and place extra rolls handy; have out air freshener, a blow dryer, and an ample supply of fresh towels. If you want to complete the spa experience, put together a bag of toiletries for them.  If you need help getting your kitchen or bathroom in tiptop shape, contact California Concierge. We’ll contact the appropriate services for you and wait for them to arrive at your home. You won’t miss work, other appointments or study time.
  • Too busy to take your guests around town?  Provide information about the area and places they may like to visit. Being a good host also means helping your guests maneuver around a town or city with which they are unfamiliar. It’s understandable if you can’t be their personal tour guide. However, you can provide them with suggestions, directions and other useful information. If you’re so busy that you don’t have the time to create a “fun” list of things to do, California Concierge can help you organize it.
  • Tell your guests where things are.  We’re talking about things they are likely to need and might search for.  Tell them or leave post-its where to find everything: silverware and plates in the kitchen, towels and other sundries in the bathroom, and the all-important television remote control in the family room (along with your Netflix code, if you have one).  This will help so they don’t have to peek through every nook and cranny. You might also want to organize the messier areas they will access…California Concierge can help!
  • Stock up on groceries.  Grocery shopping can be a handful during holiday time. The stores are always crowded, and there’s so much preparation to do! Let California Concierge do the grocery shopping for you. We’ll even put items away in your cupboards, fridge or pantry, if you’d like.

California Concierge Makes the Holiday Season Less Stressful

Holidays and having guests in your home always add more to your plate. If things become overwhelming or you just need a little assistance in getting things in order, contact California Concierge. We’ve been The Businesswoman’s Wife® since 1999.

Don’t worry. You’ll get through your cleaning, shopping and organizing. Your family and friends will be amazed at how you’ve pulled it all together.  We won’t mention to them that California Concierge gave you some help along the way!

We’re all about taking care of “the home front” so you can enjoy the life you’re working hard for.  So, take a load off your shoulders and put it on ours when you join California Concierge today!  Contact us at (818) 883-8550 or

And, for more ideas about prepping for holiday house guests, check out Martha Stewart’s slide show.

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