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Holiday House Guests?  No Worries!

Holiday House Guests? No Worries!

It’s turkey time!! The official start of the winter holiday season. Whether you opt for the traditional turkey dinner, turducken,a vegetarian meal or another menu variation, there are a few certainties you can count on during the Thanksgiving holiday. You will: Spend extra time shopping for, preparing, cooking and serving enough food to feed an… Continue Reading

Summer Help:  How to Pick Out a Good Melon

Summer Help: How to Pick Out a Good Melon

Why is it so hard to pick out a good melon? Perhaps, it’s because, with a melon, we can’t SEE the part we’ll be eating!  Here’s some advice from the experts to de-mystify melons:   Cantaloupe Look – the skin beneath the webbing should have turned from green to beige. Touch – it should have a… Continue Reading

Summer Help Series: Easy Recipes for Hot Weather

When the mercury rises, there’s no need to get all hot and bothered.  If you can’t stand the heat…don’t cook in the kitchen!  Instead, use these easy recipes: Simple Starters Peanut Butter & Banana Wrap You can’t beat this fresh spin on an old favorite. Start with a whole-grain wrap, then spread a thin layer of… Continue Reading

What Clients Say

Ken Jeong, Actor; and Tran Ho, MD

“Thank you so much for another wonderful year. You always go above and beyond.”

(Dr. Ken) (Mr. Chow) (Señor Chang)


Sherman Oaks, CA

“Thankfully, you are there for me. Just want you to know how much I appreciate your concierge service. I feel like I have my own Mrs. Doubtfire!”

Amy H.; Executive Assistant to Tim Ferriss, Author: The 4-Hour Workweek

“Thank you very much for your help. It was very much appreciated, and you’re a pleasure to work with.

Heidi Briguglio; Luntz, Maslansky Strategic Research

Alexandria, VA

“Thank you for your wonderful service! You are absolutely worth your weight in gold!!!!”

Wayne and Mary Edington

Woodland Hills, CA

“We are so glad to have your While-You’re-Away service during our vacations. Your messages giving updates from your visits made everything that much more enjoyable knowing that everything was taken care of back home.”

Jenny and Chris

Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for making one big part of Chris’ time away from home much easier on all of us. I am so grateful that you were recommended to us.”

Ronald Melin Supancic, Attorney; The Law Collaborative LLP

Woodland Hills, CA

“We are all faced with trade-offs in life. California Concierge is the best friend to have that allows you to grow your business while someone else does the time-consuming chores that get in the way of increased profit margins.”

Carla Carpenter

Los Angeles CA

California Concierge gives me the freedom to have fun in my down time. I use them for everything from booking tours for my visitors to weekly grocery shopping, errand running and overseeing home repair projects. They even delivered personal items to me from home when I was hospitalized and cleared the refrigerator of items that would spoil before my return. They are life savers.


Woodland Hills, CA

”Thanks again for your service!  I had a great trip back east, and I never could have prepared for it without your help.”