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3 Ways To Declutter And Organize Your Home


1. Scrap The Storage
If you’ve got stuff put away in storage, the attic, or the garage, then this is the time to get rid of it.

Schedule a day to clear out your storage unit, attic or garage and donate the items to a local charity.
This is a motivating and satisfying way to kickstart your goal to be better organized. And you can get it done in a day.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, then hire a professional organizer for a few hours. They’ll keep you focused and provide the momentum for you. The money you’ll save on storage will probably pay for the service, too.

2. Have Less Stuff
The less stuff you have, the easier it is to organize and stay organized.

ShoppingThere are two prongs to having less stuff:
Buying less
Getting rid of more

The first is achieved by a shift of mindset – you give up the idea of shopping as a way to pass time. Shop when you have things you need to buy. Otherwise, avoid the mall.
Instead of shopping, use the time for another goal – like health and fitness, personal development, or time with family.

The second prong is achieved by getting rid of things you don’t love or don’t use. Do 30-minute purges and power decluttering until you’ve got most of the excess out of the house. Then use clutter-management strategies like a ready-for-donation basket and tidy-as-you-go habits to maintain order.

3. Get Creative; Stay Creative
Challenge yourself and your family members to come up with creative ways to organize items in your home for the long run.

Make the most of containers
Have cleaning parties
Make cleaning day more fun for everyone by putting on music and turning it into a party.
Don’t let things pile up
Every couple of weeks, ask everyone around the house what they want to get rid of.

Keeping your home free from clutter isn’t as difficult as it sounds. With a little bit of innovation and some teamwork from your family members, your home can be transformed into a place where you’ll always find what you’re looking for.


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