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Moms: Three Important Lessons

Moms: Three Important Lessons

Moms throughout the country are wined and dined and sometimes given some time off every year on the second Sunday of May. Mother’s Day usually brings about thoughts of my mother. And, to be sure, she will be on my mind. I am impacted by daily memories of her, things she did or said, even though she passed away nearly five years ago.

Now that our kids are young adults, I find myself thinking nostalgically back to the time when they were little, and I was new to motherhood. Those were such busy, tiring, and challenging days. I remember being bone-weary and just wanting a few minutes of peace to myself, or having the option of not being responsible for someone else’s next meal. I wouldn’t want to go back to those days, but I’m also grateful for that time. For one reason, when I needed help so badly, it birthed the idea of California Concierge. But another reason is those years taught me many valuable lessons. I’d like to share just three of them in honor of Mother’s Day.


dark skyline in 1996 before a storm
The rainbow disappeared all too quickly.

Lesson 1: Moms Recognize Rainbows Won’t Wait

I remember one particular dark, cloudy day. It was a race against the clock to squeeze in a couple of errands while having only one child with me, before heading to school to pick up the older two. Suddenly, in the distance, a rainbow appeared, and not just any rainbow. It was a double bow; the most gorgeous, vivid rainbow I’d ever seen. I pulled over at the nearest place. Daniel and I got out of the car and just stood, admiring God’s handiwork. We were awestruck. And then, the vivid colors started to fade. So quickly, it was all gone. What if I’d waited to enjoy the rainbow until we’d reached my errand destination? Errands will wait. Rainbows won’t. And childhood, like a rainbow, is fleeting. I determined to enjoy life, and all its moments big and small, as they occur.


Mom looking at kitchen post earthquake.
Our kitchen after the earthquake.
My kids at the beach January 16, 1994
Enjoying the beach a day before the earthquake.









Lesson 2: Moms Realize It’s Important to Hug People, not Possessions

It was January 17, 1994, at 4:30 AM. We were jolted awake by the 6.7 Northridge earthquake. At the time, we had only two children, ages three and half years old and 14 months. Quick as a flash, Kaarel and I bolted to get them. Our home and its contents sustained a significant amount of damage. All over, things were fallen, scattered, broken, cracked or smashed. But, as we huddled with our children in a doorway, we thanked God we were all together. And, in the gray light of the dawning day, I had a sudden flash of perspective. Our family was OK. Everything else was just stuff and was replaceable. But our family? That is what is truly irreplaceable. I learned to hold tight to the people I love, but hold possessions loosely.


Mom watches daughter play in the rain.
Our oldest, Stephanie, is now a U.S. Navy pilot.
Moms treasured picture of her sons in their toy car during a rainstorm.
Matthew, the driver, is now a software engineer; Daniel, along for the ride, now in college.

Lesson 3: Moms Understand that Fun is What You Make It

In Southern California, rain is an exception. When I moved to California, this was a revelation to me, having grown up in South Carolina where rain was plentiful. So, when the random rainstorm would occur here in SoCal, I felt it deserved to be recognized, celebrated; we should do something a little different. The kids liked this idea. When they were little, they would go outside, stomp in the puddles and play in the mud. After a warm bath, we’d head out for Happy Meals, return home to put a sheet over the dining table and sit under it to eat. Why? Because it felt like a tent, like we were camping. After our meal, we would gather pillows and books to lounge in our tent, reading. I realized that fun is not about the latest toys and gadgets. Fun is an attitude.

I cherish every day that I have been a mother. Each has brought a special memory with it and has helped me to grow as a person. Mother’s Day itself is a bit of misnomer. Every day is Mother’s Day, not just one day of the year. However, it is nice to have one day of celebration where I’m Queen for the Day.

What is something you learned from motherhood?  Please leave a comment below and share a bit of wisdom or just a special memory!

Moms, Savor Your Day

Enjoy your Mother’s Day whether you spend time with your children or just have a day to yourself.  Celebrate the love in your life!

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